Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little help??

Just got my technology project and i am stumped as to what to do for it...
Here's the brief:

''The right to safe and clean drinking water... is a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of the right to life'' (United Nations,July 2010)
Less than one percent of the world's water is available for human consumption, with the remainder being contained in oceans, glaciers and ice sheets. Population growth, industrial, agricultural and private demands, changes in climate patterns and increasing pollution are some factors that contribute to sincreased pressure on this vital resource.

There are growing concerns around the sustainable, efficient and socially responsible supply, quality monitoring, conservation and use of water.
With a focus on devices and technologies which can help address these concerns, design and name a model which addresses an area of water supply, quality, conservation or use that you have identified.
The model should incorporate electronic and/or mechanical systems and should also be well presented

The finished artefact need not require the use of water
The maximum dimension of the artefact you present for assessment should not exceed 500 mm

Any ideas? anything will help :)



  1. I'll get back here if I think of something.

  2. I can't remember what company it was, but they designed a system that makes sea water potable. I believe that they are using reverse osmosis.

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  4. hope you think of something soon.

  5. not sure, that sounds like a tough one. there was an awesome ted talk on a device that could turn and quality water into pure water instantly, showed it turning sewer water into clear pure water- i reccomend going over to ted.com to look for it

  6. I have a solution:

    Africa has an issue with clean drinking water.

    solution: Nuke it, so there are no people and no need for clean drinking water.

    (I'm just playin before everyone gets all offended)

  7. no idea, this is tough... but good luck!

  8. i support the nuke africa project

  9. ill let you know what i think of!

  10. Let us know what you end up doing!

  11. i read that about 3 times, and it still went over my head... Sorry :( But good luck with it bro.