Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Ops

I have finally got my hands on Call of Duty Black Ops, but i can't play it until my Christmas holidays :(
I have to study and do work now since if i play the game i would end up falling behind in school...
Am I missing much?


  1. Well, COD games usually do not last long. By the time it is Christmas, everybody will quit and only the little kids will be playing.

  2. ‎- Crap graphics.
    - Sound is better than MW2.
    - Short fucking story, beat it in 3 and a half hours on regular easily. MW2 was longer by an hour, but still I expected something more.
    - Maps are mad clusterfucks with little paths to every thing.
    - Single player was predictable, figured it out before half of the game was even over.
    - SMGs are very over powered.
    - The famas and galil are over powered.
    ‎- Sniping is now useless in this game. Why? Because the entire game is now run and gun, the last bit of tactical anything is now gone.
    - Explosives are way under powered.
    - Other AR's aside from the above specified are under powered.
    - Shotguns are useless with the exception of the Spaz which is moderately over ranged.
    - Pistols are useless now, the python is weak sounding and takes a millenium to kill people with them.
    - Nazi Zombie maps are shit, too many corridors and narrow spaces.
    Game is as specified before, all run and gun. I can use a M60 with a grip and steady aim and not even look down the sights, and get on average a 3.00 K/D Ratio. The game is also buggy as hell, memory leaks everywhere, Friendly AI bugs, as well as audio problems. In short. I'm glad I didn't pay for this game. This game is worse then MW2 and I'm not touching another call of duty game. This was strike 3. W@W sucked, MW2 sucked, and this sucks.

    The best part is the people saying it's awesome in an attempt to convince themselves that they didn't wait so long for the release for nothing - then waste their money

    Just my opinion.

  3. Not a patch on MW2, but if you are a fan of the COD series anyways, you'll still enjoy it.

  4. Can't play untill christmas? That sucks.

  5. Can't play, huh? I feel the same way with my sweet Fallout 3...

  6. A friend told me it's awesome, but I haven't tried myself, so I dunno man.

  7. im finished with my exams in a week. and then i am free :D :D :D

  8. I love black ops, I've been playing it a lot and its fun so far. The single player isn't bad either!

  9. its great! dont feel too bad though, modern warfare 2 is still the best

  10. I still need to play MW2. I would like to try Black Ops too.

  11. I only play MW2, i don't want to waste $60. I'm even glad now that I didn't pay for MW2 myself. haha.