Friday, November 19, 2010

Solid Works

SolidWorks is a drawing program, where you can draw 3-d objects, you make a series of smaller parts then assemble them together to make your project. Its a very good program for both work and fun. 
I personally am using it for 2 school projects, in one I am making a 3-d model of an existing sat nav then modifying my parts to make the sat nav better. This program is excellent for this as it allows you to edit features of a part after making the part, so even if you make a mistake its easy to fix without starting again or deleting what you have done after the mistake. 
In the second project i am making an actual device (a water tank and rainwater collector) I am making out the parts on solid work, then with the click of a button this program will make them into plan end view and elevation (as well as other views). These drawings look just like architects drawings. And from here the drawings can be sent to a lazer cutter, this will cut out your parts exactly as you have them drawn, saving you time and effort! no more filing a piece for an hour to get it right, the lazer cutter will get it exactly as you have drawn it thanks to solid works compatibility features. 
I highly recommend this program for anyone who has to make 3-d models, 2-d sketches or make parts for a project (provided you have a lazer cutter) or even if you just want to make stuff for the fun of it :)

An engine assembled in SolidWorks.


  1. This is really cool! I'm gonna tell my brother about this. He's into this sort of thing. Right now he's building a CNC routing machine and I think he'd like this.

  2. I use this thing everyday at work... kick ass powerful software!

  3. I wonder how SolidWorks would compare to Autocad.

    1. SolidWorks is much more advanced and complicated but once your over the hump of learning how to use the program it is amazing I have used both and I prefer SolidWorks

  4. Wow, some of those drawings look really complex... That stuff is definitely over my head!

  5. i'll be saving this little gem for sure. might come in handy. thanks for sharing