Thursday, November 25, 2010

Putting your ipod songs onto your itunes

Although a little time consuming, you can put all your ipod songs (or someone else's ipod songs) onto your computer and into your itunes library. You could alternatively buy some software to do this but this method is free.
I'll outline how to do this in steps:

  1. Connect the ipod with the songs you want to your computer.
  2. Click start on your computer, go to folder options, click the "view" tab then select the show hidden files and folders option.

  3. Go to "My computer" and click into your ipod.
  4. Go through the following folders:
All your music is located in these 50 folders

5.   Now just copy all these folders and paste them into the folder where you want all your music to be.
6.   You can either add them straight into itunes now if you dont mind not sorting them out and/or if you want all the songs on the ipod. To add go to your itunes then click "file, add folder, and select all folders from the location you copied them to by holding "ctrl". All the files will have the labels and names like on your ipod.  Hey presto you're done, but if you want to sort your files keep going :)
7.   If you want to sort your artists out it takes a little bit of time, the fastest way is to copy the contents from each of the folders into one big folder. Then sort the order according to artist (you may have to select this column by right clicking the column bar then clicking on artist).
8.   Now create a new folder for each artist and copy/paste all the songs from that artist into their folder. repeat this step for all your artists.
9.   Just like step 7 add all these artist folders into your itunes.

If you have any questions just leave a comment and i will help you out :)


  1. great info. I've been wondering how to do this for a while now

  2. If i had an iPod I would so do this! Maybe this Christmas I can use this :D

  3. Thanks for the step by step. i'm sure it will help some beginners :)

  4. Great guide for those who didnt know :)

  5. Excelent, can be useful at some point

  6. Really useful tip, even though i don't even like ipods haha

  7. Dude imma follow you.... great post. Does it work iphones as well?

  8. Very handy if you have your music collection on your ipod and not your pc anymore. :P

  9. Buying software to do this simple function seems a bit excessive.

  10. uhmm good tutorial! Ill bookmark it xD

  11. Awesome! Old hard drive died and I've been looking for a way to get my songs on my new comp! Thanks. :)
    Gonna take a while to sort...